About Us

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Our Story

We are an experienced ICT business committed to effective and honest service
delivery when given task. With both skills obtained from different diverse fields,
mind focused, determined and endurance, we shall not fail in attaining our
economic goal, and so is for the development of community which we serve.
Waya Waya Global Media is an ICT business prepared to learn so as to grow
from partnering with well experienced businesses in our field of interest,
registered with the prominent aim of competing in the economic stream building
social structures in the whole country and the world if need be.
We patriotically and confidently feel that any project relating to our experience
and field of specialization will be efficiently conducted timeously, as will be
Waya Waya Global Media was the first ICT company in the rural Sekhukhune
to train and supply computers, printers to tribal authorities and
telecommunications accessories.

Our Story


To be the most reliable service provider company around
Limpopo and globally in ICT and Mining Services.


 To constantly provide our customers with alternative
services at affordable quality.
To accelerate excellent service that is uncompromised and

To create sustainable jobs for the people in the area
To empower women and youth with skills
To promote growth in the area in ICT and Media
To promote mining services in our community.
To achieve employment and empowerment equity goals in
line with statutory targets

What We Offer

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Installation of IT equipment to solve a communication challenge in the rural and urban areas.
Software Development
Innovative Solutions in all media sectors.

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Branding and Printing of Newsletter,Magazines
Events Management
Career Expo

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CSI Monitoring and Reporting by mines Mining Transportation Supply Yellow machines for mining General Mining Supply Services Construction and Electrification

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​