Our subsidiaries

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1. Waya Waya Global Mining Resources

 Mining Equipment Training
 Heavy Machinery Supply
 Mining Drilling
 Mining Shaft Construction
 Mining General Supply e.g. PPEs

2. Waya Waya Global Media & Telecoms

 Newsletter/magazine designs for businesses, schools, etc.
 Supply of Data bundles & Airtimes
 Establishment of Private Radio & Television.

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3. Waya Waya Global Estates & Properties

 Office Parks
 Residential Homes
 Business Parks
 Shopping Malls
 Property Management

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4. Waya Waya Global Trucking

 Mining Commodity
 Mine to Smelter
 Mine to Power Stations
 Within mine
 Mine to mine

5.Waya Waya Global Courier Services

 Office-2-Office Parcel Collection-Delivery.
 Mall-2-Mall Parcel Collection-Delivery
 Shopping Centre-2-Centre Parcel Collection-Delivery
 Shop-2-Shop Parcel Collection-Delivery

6.Waya Waya Global Events & Exhibitions

 Coordination of Business Exhibitions
 Facilitation of Business Seminars & Careers
 Organizing of Career Exhibitions on behalf of DoE.
 Municipalities Business Presentation with S.A. Embassies.
 Employees-Employer workshops with DoL

 Global Events Co-ordination and Exhibitions

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7.Waya Waya Global Foundation-CSI Monitoring

 Mining Social Labour Plans presentation to communities.
 Mining Corporate Social Investment Management
 Private CSI Management-Monitoring & Reporting System.

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8.Waya Waya Global Engineering- Civils

 Designs of Roads, Bridges Architectural
 Construction of Roads &  Public Parks.
 Building of Bridges & Toll Plazas
 Designs & Construction of Stadia
 Private Property Constructions
 Construction of Land-stripes, airports, seaports.
 Mining House Designs & Construction.
 Electrification & Structural Designs.

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9.Waya Waya Global Transportation

 Air Transportation of Goods and People
 Water/Sea Transportation of Goods/Commodities.
 Rail Transportation of People and Goods
 Land Transportation, e.g. Motorcycle, Try-cycle & Tuck-Tuck

plane, aircraft, airbase

10.Waya Waya Global Energy

 Diesel and Fuel Supply
 Grease, Oil & Lubricants Supply
 Green Sun-farming &  Installation
 Distribution of Energy Related Supply.

gas station, fuel, refueling

11.Waya Waya Global investors

12.Waya Waya Global Health

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